Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wise Men Seek Him Still

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend.  My husband and daughter have gone to the golfing range leaving me a few minutes to sneak into the craft room and put to paper an idea that came to me in bed last night.

All supplies from Amuse Studio:
Stamps: holy night, grunged sunrays
Card: lichen, french roast, sugar
Inks: lemon whip, french roast

So quick and simple, but very effective.  The star in the holy night set simply wasn't 'starry' enough for this card so I used the grunged sunrays - just the effect I was after.  Some simple mounting and a quick sentiment and a couple of minutes later a finished card.  Perfect for reproducing in numbers.

That's all for today, I hope to sneak back sometime tomorrow.  In the meantime, don't forget my 1000th visitor giveaway.  Details can be found in Tuesday's post

1 comment:

Shari B. said...

I love this card. I just got the grunged sunray. What an awesome idea!

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