Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary Darling

A card for my husband on our 24th wedding anniversary.

Twenty four years ago, on my birthday (back in March) my dearest friend proposed to me in Paris over the most wonderful dinner, we then headed over to the Moulin Rouge for the cabaret.  Whilst this card might not scream anniversary to any one else, to me - and hopefully my husband - it's a reminder of that very special evening - and a hope that there are many more to come.

A few weeks ago, my friend brought round a set of very ornate Paris stamps - not really my style at all, but immediately I knew I wanted to recreate something with the feel of a poster from the golden era.  (I took my husband to see Midnight in Paris last week so we are definitely having a month of reminisces)  An hero arts Paris banner and some fleur de lys were all that was needed to finish.

We still had some Paris stamps left over so I decorated the envelope as well - a first for me, but something I'll definitely repeat.

It's a very busy time for me at the moment - my youngest started her Sophomore year at High School last Thursday, my middle child moved into Berkeley for his freshman year on Sunday, and between then and now I have to fit in a trip to London for my eldest Nieces wedding!  Please forgive me if posts are somewhat sporadic for a while - I promise that normal service will be resumed when I get back!

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