Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nor Cal Consultant Shoe-box Swap

 On Sunday I hosted a shoe box swap for some fellow consultants, it was such fun and I thought I'd give you a peek:

Linda, Sabrina and Nance hard at work!
 Linda brought us each this totally cute sour cream box filled with Amuse Studio goodies and chocolate.  She also brought supplies for us all to make the card behind.

This was a first for all of us - we went outside and had ago with the blush spray ink to recreate this card from the catalog (okay - I'll admit it, this was the sample from Amuse Studio - mine has an outline of my thumb in the top left corner).  I have always been a little scared of the spray inks - I don't mind glitter, but I was worried about the mess - I still wouldn't do it inside, but with a little newspaper it really wasn't that bad and the results were impressive.  You will be seeing more of this product from me in the future:

Sabrina brought this beautiful gift bag for us to make, I just love the heart balloon.  Nance brought us the 'I love you to the moon and back' card,  it's hard to see in the photo, but we have a thin line of glitter along the top of the snow.  I love the way she used the polka dot paper for a snowy sky.  I do hope this stamp set and the navy polka dot make a reappearance in the new catalog.

Nance also brought this Christmas card - the embossing is actually white, don't know what happened to the photo here - I love how the sentiment ties in with the world wide iconic buildings.

And here are my two projects - I had intended making up the m&m treat bags to give as favors for my guests, but time wasn't on my side, so I had them make it for themself!  

Our last project, another beautiful card from Linda - I love the way she backed the cloud paper with a slither of onyx - I always have a problem grounding the cloud paper and this solves it - so cute

Nance's husband took this photo as everyone was getting ready to leave (a wonderful man - he spent 4 hours sitting in Barnes and Noble whist Nance stamped with us - he deserves a medal!)

We had a wonderful time, a big thank you to Nance and Linda who both traveled quite some distance to get here - I hope more consultants will be able to join us next time.

(I will come back later and add some supply lists - blogger is messing me about at the moment everything is jiggling about and it keeps failing to save - I want to get this up before I lose this!)


Melissa Roell said...

Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful projects! It looks like you had a great time getting together sharing some Amuse Studio love!

Laura said...

What wonderful projects everyone had to share. I loved them all and will have try some very soon.
So glad you all had a wonderful time!

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