Saturday, June 2, 2012

Graduation (again!)

Hi there, it's going to be a week of graduation posts here at My Paper Paradise, today I have these treat boxes to share with you.  This is just a small subset of the hats I made last week - the rest headed off to San Diego before the photo shoot!

I have Stephanie over at The Paper Garden in Sacramento to thank doubly for these, firstly, the idea was hers, I carelessly lost the template and regenerated these, secondly, I realized halfway through my graduation endeavors that I was going to run out of tassels - Stephanie kindly put 3 packs in the post for me and they arrived the very next day.

They are filled with M&Ms - I bought a jumbo pack from Costco and then picked out all the yellow and blue ones for the hats heading to University of California, the orange and red ones for two separate local high schools and will make cookies with the rather odd looking remains!

Come back tomorrow for another graduation card.


Shari B. said...

What a great idea - so cute!!!

Seleise said...

super cute project!

Catherine Crisp said...

Already have requests from my friends for graduation hats next year!

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